Wednesday, April 08, 2015

 I like to dress my boyfriend jeans up with a nice pair of heels

Boyfriend Jeans have been one of the popular trends right now. Many online stores are selling this trendy wear for mostly 500php and above, in which you could only do it yourself. I got my jeans from a thrift store here in our city for just 50php and asked my boyfriend to distress it for me. I love how you could mix and match this jeans with almost everything. You could either pair this jeans with a running shoes and a T-shirt or you can pair it with a mandals and a nice blouse. As for me, I paired my boyfriend jeans with a white button up long sleeves and a black purse that has been overused here in my blog hehehe. I then packed up my ragged look with a pair of blue pumps to make my look a little bit boyish but at the same time girly. Your look with this jeans could be stylish and chic, depends on how you’re going to style them. You can create your own boyfriend jeans by having a pair of your old jeans and just slice and scratch it the way you want.  

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