Friday, April 17, 2015

While most of our summer adventures are still up in the air, I wanna share with you girls my Summer Essentials that I think everyone should have and be aware of. These essentials could help us
be ready to face the sun with no fear!

Sun, surf and sand is what we all have in our mind as we finish our last exams. Because of our busyness in thinking about which beaches to hit with our family and friends on summer, we tend to forget to carry the following essentials that we should be bringing with us on the beach or during a long road trips. These are what you should stuff in your summer beach bag if you want to look perfect and flawless during summer!

The 1st thing I always make sure I carry with me this summer, is my face primer and oil control sheet. Primer is made up to help your make up stay on your face longer without smudging. When you're traveling with your friends or family, you should never forget to carry with you an oil control blotting sheet. These sheets instantly soak up excess oil and remove shine from your face. Most specially on your T-zone and forehead. 

Your skin is not the only part of your body that tends to get dry this summer season, but also your Lips. It's getting hotter and hotter every day this summer and everything tends to get dry and cracked, That's why you need some therapy for your lips. Petroleum Jelly, Lip scrub and Lip balm will help your lips stay hydrated and look perfect even if you're under the sun for hours.

I seriously hate going to the beach because I hate getting sunburned. But luckily, I've discovered a sunscreen that does magic when you're on a beach. I love how I can spend all day at the beach even if the sun itself longed beside me on the sand. 

Floppy hat is not just a fashion accessory that will make you look cute this summer. Hat also helps to  shield your face and neck from harsh UV rays of the sun and will help you protect your skin from getting fine lines and wrinkles. It's really exciting how this hat could both hide my messy hair and add a bit of class to a summer outfit.

Summer or not, I cannot go out without my cute and reliable sunnies. Sunglasses are extremely important when it comes to maintaining a good eye health. Glasses will not only protect your eyes from UV rays but it will also protect your eyes from dust, wind and debris.

Aside from cute guys, here's something to keep you entertained this summer. Books and magazines will come in handy for me when we're off for a trip or heading to the beach. Let's admit it, sometimes it really get so boring spending 1 whole day at the beach or long road journeys, that's why I recommend bringing with you some of these, because summer is the only season we have more time to sit, read and relax.

As a normal human being. we often have difficulties with time management. I surely can't leave the house with out my personal planner on my bag. I love planners because it helps me stay organize on some events, appointments or tasks that I need to do. With planner, I could already start my day knowing exactly what I need to do and how much time I have do it.

Of course, you can never carry with you your essentials with out a summer bag. I love bringing with me a bright colored bag for me to feel the breeze of summer and I always make sure that the bag I'm bringing  is water proof. So that in case you're going on a beach, you'll not worry anymore if your essentials will get wet. 

Throwing a bit of 90's fashion into my closet this summer with these double strap mandals, in which looks exactly the same as the ones I wore when I was a kid. Summer season means comfort season. Let's reward our selves with these super comfy and adorable mandals after all those stress and anxiety the school paper works gave us. I love how it can add a bit of youthful playfulness on my outfit.

First things first! We should never ever forget to bring swimmies with us in summer. You'll never know when will your parents or friends will plan an impromptu beach party. You can bring any kind of swimsuit you prefer. I'm so happy when I found out that 1 piece swimmies are now on trend again. I love this kind of swimmies because I seriously have insecurities with my flabby stomach :( I'm not really into 2 pieces swimmies coz I think it doesn't suit my body perfectly.

It is not just our lips or skin usually tend to get dehydrated. Because of the heat of summer, we should always remember to bring with us some refreshments to help us stay hydrated all day long. If you accidentally forget to bring this, there's a high possibility that you'll be at risk of having a heat stroke or what so ever. Summer is a fun season, please don't you ever forget to stay hydrated so that your summer vacation will be full of fun memories to remember. 

I hope these tips will help you stay hydrated and flawless this summer :) May the man from above guide you through out your summer vacation. Always take a lot of care :*

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