Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war,
 love is growing up

February 14 is not only for couples who could enjoy this day with sweetness and laughter. we all know that Valentine's day is a day of love. Love is not only for happy couples but also for families and friends. As for me, I'm going to celebrate the day of hearts with my friends during lunch time and family dinner on the evening.

This has been a tradition for our family to go out and spend time during Valentine's day to express our love and care to one another. For in the first place, we learn how to love and accept other people through our family. Our family is one of the most important beings in our lives. They will always remain with us even if it's you against the world.

The outfit I showed you is what I'll be wearing on our dinner date with my family on the 14th night of February. I wore a "lacey" type of dress because its obviously Valentines day. Red signifies Love if I'm not mistaken. A simple but elegant outfit for our dinner date in a fine dine cuisine. I paired my dress with my black pumps to make me look taller and decent. Also, bringing with me a black envelop purse that has a minimal gold details on it to match the colors of my pumps' gold toe cup design. You probably might wanna know that I'm not a fan of wearing accessories because it bothers me a lot.

Hope you're going to celebrate the day of hearts with your family and love ones. May you feel special and loved by the people who have great and special connections with you. Have fun and don't forget the true meaning of valentines, but always remember, Show love every day, not only during valentine' day.

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