Saturday, March 07, 2015

Maybe we should all stop looking for society to give us permission to be ourselves.

Since I'm blogging for about 2 months now, I thought of sharing with you guys some weirdest things about me that my other closest friends and best friends still have no idea I'm in to that kind of stuff. hahaha I just find it cool and interesting to share with you about my personal life that anyone couldn't imagine I'm actually that type of girl. I my self loves to read and watch videos of this kind of topic. I just read Vern and Verniece's post about their personal life blog post, so I thought of why not try to blog about it in a crazy version. Here it is, I hope you'll like it :) 

1. I can't study, do my paper works and blog in a noisy room or place
I always look for a place where silence is a must. I don't know, maybe I can't concentrate to what I'm suppose to do when I'm in a noisy place. I know a lot of you guys would prefer to have head phones with music on stuck in your ears while studying, well, I'm the complete opposite. 

2. I really really really love antique and haunted houses
I always imagine my self going to a haunted house and take photos of where the crime scene was held. I could stare to that photo for about an hour and will just analyze and think some random stuff about it. I know, I'm crazy like that! Although, I'm scared of ghosts and haunted houses, I would prefer going to such places in the morning with lots of people with me hahaha!

3. My boyfriend and I always thought of how many galaxy does universe has
Most of our conversations would always be about how huge the sun is, how many stars do we have, how huge the universe is and of course, we could not forget to think of maybe in other galaxy, there's also an earth and maybe a copy of us lives there with the complete opposite of how it is here. hahahahahahaha! yup! I know!

4. I can finish taking a bath in just 8 - 10 mins yet it will take me forever to choose an outfit
Choosing an outfit is the hardest thing in the life of a girl. I know everyone will agree to this. Even if how clean and organize my room is, there will always be a time where all the organizations and cleanliness will be destroyed because of the struggle choosing the best outfit. Yet on other hand, after switching from one outfit to another, I always always aaaalways end up wearing a plain tee and jeans. 

5. A part of my body I'm so insecure about is my skin color
Ever since the world began, I really wish to be mestisa like other bloggers and artists out there. I just feel like if you're mestiza, everything is easy for you, like mix and matching clothes with out thinking if that certain color suits you or not and even if you're already haggard you'll still look great in person and in pictures. But right now, Thanks be to God, I'm starting to love and accept my true color. Being a morena will really show you're beauty and the special features of your face. My dad always says this to me "Kung gawin mong maputi ang morena, mas gaganda yan. Pero pag gawin mong maitim ang mapuputi, hndi na yan gaganda". I have no choice but to accept my skin hahaha!

6. I own 14 doll shoes, 17 sneakers and 6 heels
Back when I'm not yet blogging, I'm the type of girl who loves to wear knapsack, T shirt and sneakers with a messy hair. But when a friend of mine introduced me to the fashion world, my likes and interests diverted into heels, shoulder bags, dresses, skirts and make ups. I learned how to make myself presentable to everyone and I even started collecting heels, It's my current obsession right now. haha!

 7. I have the WORST diet

My term diet means not eating fruits, vegies and healthy FOOD! Although I'm a big fun of eating fruits, yet I don't use it as one of my diet tips. I tend to lose weight in just a week of not pigging out and eating less. I myself also tend to get back on my original flabby weight in just a day when I pig out. Yes, I pig out a lot.

8. I can't drive
Although I know how to drive a motorcycle and a litle bit of a 4 wheeler vehicle, yet I still got no confidence on myself. Back when I tried driving a car on a high way together with my Uncle, We almost bumped another car due to a long traffic and other reckless drivers. Since then, I never wanna try driving again. I think so? Hahaha. My Moma didn't want me to get a driver's license maybe because she still thinks I'm sort of a baby or maybe she don't trust me when it comes to this driving thing. Seriously, I don't want to drive for someone else. Yet I want someone will drive for me and let me just seat back, relax and enjoy the ride :) ha!

9. I'm kind of introvert at times
I don't know about you guys but there will come a time in my life where I feel so alone and worthless. Times when I can't feel the love and care of my friends and family. Maybe because I'm a clingy friend when I already find my self comfortable hanging up with you. When that bestfriend of mine found a new best friend, that's the time where my heart breaks into pieces, get jealous and be bitter. And when that time arrives, I'll lock my self in a room trying to figure out things and writing about the things that hurts me and questioning my self how did it happen. Yup, when I feel sad and broken, I tend to type it down on my computer and trying to figure the things I've done wrong. 

And finally, we're down to the last number of my blog post.

10. Cooking is my therapy. Yes you read it right. I cook!

I love how I can experiment and try something new when it comes to food. Like when my mom asks me to cook a ground meat, I always go directly to our store and look for some veggies and other stuff that could add flavor to our dish. I love how I could turn a simple dish into a very 5 star hotel kind of viand. hahaha! No joke! I'm serious about this! No offense, Sometimes my dish tastes more delish than other restaurants we've been to. Do you want me to cook for you too? ;)

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