Thursday, February 05, 2015

Have you ever thought of wearing simple crop top and still look cute?

Back when I'm not yet blogging, my look doesn't really matter. I usually wear a simple T-shirt or a blouse and doesn't care about my appearance and what other people says. I was just a simple girl that totally has no sense of fashion. Till one day, I just came to realize that I'm a girl and I want my appearance be pleasing in the eyes of others. 

That moment, I started using a little bit of make up and trying on some nice outfits. Now that I somehow know how to dress up, I just feel like wearing everything in my wardrobe. I also got addicted to shopping. And I know it's not good. I'm trying to control my self, I swear.

In this look, I wore this Aztect printed top that I got from Trendlinesph then paired it with my button up highwaisted shorts. To look sort off a bohemian style, I wore my black hat to match it with the shoes and bag I'm wearing. Who would have thought that this outfit could be a Bohemian, chic and sporty kind of look. 

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