Saturday, January 24, 2015

Valentines day is coming! yey for the day of hearts!

Shopping for your boyfriend would be so hard and frustrating when you don't even know what to give him and where to start. Don't you worry my lady, I got your back! I’m now sharing with you some gift ideas you can give to your boyfriend and love ones this upcoming day of hearts to make them feel loved and remembered

1. Everyday watch

A watch to use for daily basis would be a good idea for a gift to your boyfriend or love ones. Sometimes, we tend to use only one watch for everyday use and for occasions. This gift idea would be great, coz when he uses it every day he also remember the person who gave it to him/her.

2. walet

When you realize that your best friend or boyfriend overused their wallet, maybe this day of hearts is the right time to give him a new baby to put all his cash and cards. This idea would be great when you have a friend or boyfriend that has a wallet that is older than your relationship.

3.  Couple phone cases

This gift idea is so cute! This looks adorable and sweet when you and your boyfriend or best friend walk around with this cute couple iPhone cases. This is also a great idea when your love ones tend to invest into iPhone or whatever phones that he loves and doesn’t want to have scratch on it. This is something he surely needs and you’ll not going to spend way too much for it.

4. DIY adventure book

Nothing beats a cute diy gift for your love ones. This idea is so nice because you put a lot of effort and time to make it beautiful. This adventure book gift idea is perfect when you’re a traveller couple. This is for you to look back and remember the entire place you’ve been to and the memories you have there with your girl/man or best friend.

 5.  Dinner date

After all the beautiful moments you’ve shared to each other, it is great to have a festive dinner for the both of you to remember all the good things you’ve done and all the trials you’ve undergo. This Valentine’s Day is so perfect to spend time with your love one to just chill, relax and have fun talking and laughing with each other. After a sweet year, the both of you deserve to be happy.

I hope this gift ideas would be a big help to all of you who are planning to give your love ones something special and still can’t decide what’s the best gift you can ever give. May you have a wonderful and amazing Valentine’s day with the ones you love.

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  1. Hey, Gene,

    Found your blog by blog hopping. You've got a really nice blog here. I like the girly template. I noticed you're a Filipina. So am I. I just followed you via gfc. Hope you can drop by my blog too.

    I love this post by the way. In fact, it kind of inspired my latest post right now. Great job.

    Keep blogging,

    1. will surely visit your blog :) thank you so much :*

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