Saturday, January 17, 2015

Feeling and looking fresh on my Fuchsia Pink shorts.

Hi guys! If you haven’t noticed, the background of my last 2 outfit blog post was more on a greener and natural scenario.  So I've decided to change up a bit. I believe it would be perfect to have my outfits shoot on different locations. So my boyfriend, the photographer, decided to shoot me on a plain establishment wall to really emphasize my fuchsia pink shorts that I’m wearing for today’s outfit.

This day, I just run some errands and had meeting on different groups of people. My sister will be having her wedding on the 19th day of December this year. But she and her fiancé aren’t here to accomplish or look thru the things that are supposed to be done before their Special day. So she assigned me and Izaac (my boyfie slash driver) to meet her wedding video editors so called “videographers” which is the shop and company of Vista De Lente, to talk about some infos regarding their prenup wedding and other possible transactions. We then went to Limtel, a shop for cakes and services to ask about the inquired cake she wanted. Lastly, we were off to Alavar and bought one of their main course, the Alavar’s special seafood sauce and Bagoni to be shipped to Manila.

Anyhow, I wanted to look fresh and girly that day so I decided to wear my Fuchsia pink shorts and paired it with my floral loose top. I tucked in my top to make it look pretty cute and to really emphasize my shorts especially its color. Because I’m a little bit conservative (just a tiny bit), I pulled out my laced bolero to make it look more feminist and chic. I finished the look with my flat sandals that have lots of jewel designs on it.

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